Where We Work

We currently operate in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. These are some of the poorest countries in the world after years of civil unrest and violence in the region.

We will provide solutions to the challenges faced by children and communities through our innovative development and humanitarian work, focusing on child protection, health, education, children’s rights and community livelihoods.

The Ebola outbreak left thousands of children homeless and destitute with many facing violence from criminal gangs. Those who survive the criminal gangs are then faced with being casted out from their communities in shame or left to suffer rape and violence.

We want to make sure children who are orphaned have a safe place to call home and education that will secure their future. We are also the voice for children in their communities, advocating their right to live without fear of exclusion and violence. We also support community health and sanitation through providing clean drinking water and mosquito nets to the most vulnerable families.

Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea.