Providing vulnerable children a place to live, education and healthcare...

Most of us are lucky enough to have a safe and secure place where our children can call home, so let us imagine for a minute if a child we know and love had to go on living in the streets with no education and no one to care for them. This is happening right now!

There are hundreds of children needing your help today! Please help us change the lives of some of these children forever.
You can sign up to make regular payments for as little as £1 a month or any amount you can.

We do feel a special connection with our donors, so every donor could have their names engraved on a plaque on the building. We will also send out regular updates on our progress.
Please help us make this a reality. Thank you.

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Overview of our Orphanage Project in Sierra Leone

Our project is moving forward at an incredible speed, please donate what you can and follow our developments: DONATE

Accommodation areas

A safe, warm, friendly environment for the children we will be helping. 

Ebola crisis children support

The School

This is where we can help the children gain an education and gain confidence for a better future. At the school, the children will be taught the highest levels of Maths and English. They will also be taught vocational and life skills to prepare them for the future.