Coronavirus Appeal

Covid19 is a killer affecting the world, but more so those in countries where people live in extreme poverty.

The people of Sierra Leone have been living in poverty for decades, the country has been plagued by a devastating civil war which killed hundreds of thousands of its people, an Ebola epidemic and more recently the mud slides which took even more lives. Now they face this deadly and indiscriminate Coronavirus.

Please help to prevent a Catastrophe

It is well known that the virus spreads rapidly in overcrowded populations and with a largely inadequate health infrastructure in Sierra Leone, the threat of COVID-19 ripping through the population is real and we must take action now to help these already vulnerable people.

Please donate now, and help protect these people who are now at extreme risk of the coronavirus.

100% of your donation will go to our partners working on the ground. It will provide Food packages, Hand sanitisers, Quarantine areas and to raising public awareness.

Please donate now – Thank You.